Current Students

At the beginning of each semester/summer session, fill out forms and follow the procedure indicated below:

  1. Fill out your Request for Accommodation Form and return it to the SAS Office
  2. Pick up your Instructor Notification Memo as soon as possible (preferably, within the first few days after the semester/session begins). Note: For on-line courses, the SAS Office will send the Instructor Notification Memo to the instructor electronically.
  3. If the SAS Director has determined that a reasonable accommodation for you is:
  4. Deliver your Memo (and Testing Proctor Form, if applicable) to your instructors as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) weeks of the start of the semester/summer session.
  5. Make sure that each professor or instructor signs the Faculty Receipt Form.
  6. Return the Faculty Receipt Form with with signatures from all of your professors to SAS Office within two (2) weeks of when accommodations were requested.