Petition for Accommodation/Intake Form – Form to be filled out when first requesting our services. This form is filled out in order to receive appropriate support for your disability while attending NMSU.

Faculty Receipt Form – Form to take each semester/summer session to your instructors so they can sign confirming that they have received an Instructor Notification Memo.

Request for Accommodation – Form to indicate what courses you are taking for a semester/summer session. This form is also used to verify receipt and return of Instructor Notification Memo.

TestingProctorForm – Used to notify and schedule testing if a student chooses to take exams in the Office of Student Accessibility Services. This form must be returned before testing. Please note that this form is completed in triplicate; therefore, the web format is not useable for processing

Student Instructions and Agreement – Agreement that explains what to do for the semester to receive services.

Alternate Text Request – For eligible students, this form is used to indicate what books are being requested in an alternate format.

Student Attendance – Faculty guidelines when a memo is received requesting an accommodation of adapted leniency request.

Housing Accommodations Forms – These are used ONLY if you are requesting Special Accommodations in On-Campus Housing

  • Housing Accommodation Request– to be filled out by the student
  • Housing Verification Form– Top part filled out by the student. The remainder of form to be completed by a licensed clinical professional o health care provider familiar with the history and functional limitations of the student’s condition(s).