Meet with each of your instructors at least two (2) weeks before each examination and make arrangements regarding the exam day, time and location.

Prior to taking your exams at the SAS office (preferably two weeks in advance) :

Complete the Student Section of the Testing Proctor Form and take to each instructor as soon as possible (form is only needed if your professor cannot accommodate you elsewhere, and you will test in SAS). . It is the student’s responsibility to bring the form to the instructor and ask him/her to complete the instructor section.

Return the completed form to the Student Accessibility Services Office, as soon as possible, but preferably two weeks in advance of the test date.

Make sure you are clear about the arrangements for each exam,

Make/request a copy of the Testing Proctor Form for your records.

To make sure your exam is available, contact your instructor at least two (2) days prior to your examination to confirm your test was sent to the SAS office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exams will be scheduled and administered ONLY if the Testing Proctor Form is completed, correct and on file with the SAS Office.

On the day of your exam:

Arrive at the SAS office10- 15 minutes before your scheduled examination time. If you arrive late, no additional time will be allowed for the test and you must complete it in the remaining time.

Notify the SAS immediately at 646-6840 if you intend not to show up for your exam.

Bring all needed items with you to the exam. Testing staff are not responsible for providing any supplies such as scantrons, calculators, etc. All unauthorized items (cell phones, backpacks, ipods and/or any academic aid) must be placed in a locker in the testing room.

Begin each exam taken at the SAS office at the specified date and time stated on the Testing Proctor Form. If the testing proctor form indicates different day/time or same day/different time, call SAS and schedule the day or time.

Turn in completed exams, scantrons, etc., immediately after you are finished. DO NOT leave the SAS office with the completed exam.

Abide by the Student Code of Conduct for academic honesty. Exams will be discontinued if the student engages in inappropriate behavior or is found to be cheating and/or using any unauthorized materials. Instructors will be notified.

Understand that SAS staff cannot explain, clarify or express opinions concerning exams. If you anticipate needing to speak to your instructor during an exam, make advance arrangements for this contact

SAS Office hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Student must complete the test by 5:00 pm.

Approval must be in writing from the instructor to ssd-testing@nmsu.edu if there is any change in exam times or dates.

Failure to follow the above guidelines may eliminate your ability to take future exams with the Student Accessibility Services Office.